MEET surfer Olivia Warden

While we were in Barbados, driving around the Island to shoot our next collection, we sat down with local surfer Olivia Warden.


Where you from, where did you grow up?

 I am from the island of Barbados, I was raised here my whole life.


What is like to be an Island Girl?

Being an island girl is so fun because my family’s lifestyle is way more laid-back than that of other families who live in big cities and have really professional jobs. My parents raised me and my siblings with the ocean as our playground.

Don’t get me wrong, we go to school every day but from living on such a small island, knowledge of culture of other countries and traveling abroad plays a significant part in my life so that we have the opportunity to experience more than our tiny rock! 

Where do you surf mostly?

I mostly surf at Soup Bowl, Bathsheba. 

Any members of your Family surf too?

Not anymore but my dad used to surf back in the day.


What’s it like to surf everyday (or almost) ?

To surf after school on most days is really fun if the waves are good, which they normally are. I like surfing after school because it clears your mind from doing work all day long and really takes any stress away.

What goals do you have for the future as a surfer?

My goals as a surfer for the future is to travel as much as I can, make some sick surf edits from somewhere exotic in the world and have fun with it!!

How many places have you travelled to and where’s been the best waves?

I have travelled all over the world a few times a year from the time I was a baby but for me, Bali is where my heart is. The waves are absolutely perfect, its exactly what you see in the magazines.

My Dad’s family lives between Bali and Australia so I’ve been there a few times but my favorite time was definitely back in 2014, I went surfing every single day.

I also learnt to surf there when I was 3 years old haha!


You are a free surfer or competitive surfer?

 I am a competitive surfer 

What boards are in your quiver?

My quiver is made from Xanadu surfboards in San Diego, California, they are magic!! Right now I ride ; 

  • 5’5 , 18.50 , 2.19 Vol 22.5
  • 5’8 , 18.32, 2.18, Vol 21.7
  • 5'6 X 18.63 X 2.16 , Vol .22.5 

...And your best memory of surfing?

I have so many fond memories of surfing with all my friends at 11 years old doing surf camps on the island but my best memory of surfing was in Bali in 2014, I went surfing with a group of kids from New Zealand at a training camp called “The Art Of Surfing", some who are still my friends up to this day and we see each other at surf contests. We took a balinese fishing boat out to this outside reef and the waves were head high, offshore winds and just perfect, clear, blue lines. We surfed for the whole morning and went in for lunch and ate some $3 bali noodles that were so spicy!!! That was my favorite memory of surfing because I caught perfect waves all morning, on the other side of the world from home and met life-long friends.