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By Nena Ocampo

We are stoked to announce that TuCamino Travel is now working with Akela Surf. The word "akela" means happy in Hawaiian. This company works to share the spirit of surfing through fashion and healthy living as well as having a great appreciation for nature and the active lifestyle. We caught up with Annie from the Akela Surf Fam to learn more.


1. Where did the idea for Akela Surf come from? 

I started working in the fashion industry 15 years ago as a sportswear designer knowing that I wanted to have my own brand and eventually, I created Akela Surf.  

I'm not the typical girly girl that likes pink. I realized that I'm not the only girl feeling this way! When I started to surf, I didn't find any swimwear that suited my personal style and also that stayed on in wipe outs! I saw an opportunity to offer something cool and different! Having a style in the line up! Why not!?

A few years ago, I started Akela Surf with my partner, Servio. I was out of work and Servio was studying Business. We shared some ideas that soon turned into hand made products, like skateboard tee's, rashguards, ect. Then, we decided to turn Akela into a female line and concentrate specifically on swimwear. It is just us running the business, so we decided to focus on our strengths and the demand! 

Servio, is the best partner because he always pushes you to the limit! Our ultimate goal is to offer products that will reflect our personality! We work in collaboration with many artists and ambassadors! It's important for us to listen and create a feeling!! Akela Surf is more than products, it's a community and a way of living!


2. Who/what inspires you?

I get inspired from fashion shows. I keep myself updated with the fashion industry as well as have my favorite mags and designers that I follow pretty closely...but that's my secret ;) I travel also a couples times a year! When you travel you don't have the same mind set. Everything turns into an inspiration! 

3. What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

My son, lol! Surfing when I'm near the sea, my business, and Servio always preparing me some fresh coffee and juice! I never sleep past 7 am....


4. What is the biggest challenge of running your own business? 

Everyday you have a new challenge! It's hard to predict what can happen! Having enough money to support my family, doing all the, but mostly finding reliable peoples to work with..

So many people want a part of your business but they don't realize how much hard work and time you have to spend on your business. So far, its definitely my biggest challenge in life but also my best!! 

5. What advice can you give to other entrepreneurs? What advice to other water men and women? 

I believe if you are or want to be an entrepreneur, you have to listen your instincts first. It's a really hard game!! There are so many cool brands out there now, but if it's truly your passion, there is no reason to not succeed! You have to do it for the right reasons. I personally do it because of how much I love design, surfing, taking pictures, traveling..I couldn't ask for a better life! 

*Also, you cannot be afraid of losing ..and winning! You have to look at what you have done right , the positive part and not the negative part!!

*If you love the water, please try to respect it!! Its so sad to see all the trash in the water..


6. What are your passions? What can you not live without? 

Surf, fashion, photography, cooking healthy meals, traveling! 

I cannot live without my family! The sea and the sun ! :)


Akela Surf is a loving community created by Annie and Servio, which draws inspiration from fashion, surf, and the ocean. We hope you check them out and we are honored to be surf ambassadors for them. Pura Vida!


TuCamino Travel 

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