Why as a surfer we should think about the ocean?

Let’s be honest, being able to surf with such a powerful connection with the ocean and the marine life is a beautiful process. While we are out there, we don’t have any control, neither any idea of how strong nature can be. A force that can destroy anything and anyone on her way.

That’s the beauty of it. Not being sure of what’s going to happen, if the water will take us back where we belong or will push us further so we can connect with the ocean and be brave. Not being sure if a shark will attack by mistake in a risked area or if we’ll be lucky enough to see dolphins sharing the wave with us. At the end, this is the unknown. Humans only explored 10% of it, or even lesser than that. The location of the most beautiful marine animals and 70% of the earth water, oceans has always been there. Way back before us. But, this beauty, these moments, isn’t forever.

We are destroying everything.
Air pollution, rubbish, plastic, oil drilling.

It may sound absurd to you, but the future is in our hands. Every action we can do must be done because you know, it could change nothing. As everything. Everything comes from the ocean, the air you’re breathing, the water you drink, the foods you eat, the products you need. We are not alone neither. A lot of our food is coming from the sea, from a far ingredient or a close one, as seafood. That said, it means that everything you put into your mouth from the ocean may have been polluted. The fishes are now ingesting plastic because of us, breaking the food chain of the Pacific Ocean. They don’t necessarily die, but they become a source of pollution for yourself. It also plays a huge role in our air. The ocean plants produced half of the world oxygen, and the ocean also helps bring us fresh water with the formation of clouds. Every product you also use as a shampoo, medicine or cosmetics are part from the sea. Without a clean ocean, no more lifesaving products (I’m talking about the medicine – not the shampoo). You probably don’t know it, but most people feel a deep feeling for the ocean and decide to make it their career. One in six jobs in the USA is about the ocean, as ocean tourism, recreation and living resources. We also need to remember that it is a place where we think we belong, as others does the same. This is a place where we can do sports or recreational activities.

No matter where you are in the world.
Close or far from the sea.
You should care.
At the end, we all come from there.
So, what should we do?

I am not going to tell you today to go at your local beach and watch everyone to make sure that  they don’t throw their trash on the beach. Neither to go protest in front of your grocery to make them understand that they should stop selling plastic bottle. Not that radical. Not yet. Just try to do some changes in your daily lifestyle and you may not see it, but it will help. I don’t even want to hear something about the fact that isn’t only one person that would change something. It’s starting with one, and ending up with everyone.

Don’t follow the crowd, be the leader.
As Gandhi once said,
 ‘’Be the change you want to see in the world’’.

Here is the top 5 of the things you should start doing. There is more, but we’ll start with the basic so you don’t run away.

1. Is driving your car to go to school is really necessary?

Carbon Footprint and Energy Consumption play a role in the change in the ocean. Not using your car when you can and biking to school/work instead would be quite better, and, you know what? Better for your health too! Be careful with the energy you are using as well, turn off your lights when you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator and close all technology materials when useless.

  1. Buying a plastic bottle every day isn’t fashion anymore.

Yep, you should just forget about it. With all the kind of reusable water bottle we can find on the market, you have a large area of choice so no excuses. Plastics always end up in the ocean (most of the time) which destroy the habitat of thousands of marine animals, killing them at the same time. Anyway, plastic isn’t good for you, and it will give you more risk to get cancer. Use a mason jar instead of a disposable container, use your own reusable bag when going to the grocery and always use your recycle BAC – that BAC should be fuller than your garbage. Way more full.

  1. It’s not because that a fish is popular you should eat it.

Eating a fish because everyone thinks that the taste is delicious isn’t the best thing you can do. Make sustainable seafood choices and healthful. If a species is over exploited, try to avoid it so we can stay away from a future extinction.

  1. Lying on the beach the whole day to tan also mean … take care of what surrounds you.

The beach. Any time you go there, even though it’s just to relax or to surf, take the time to clean your rubbish and enjoy the beauty you can in the sea. You can also take a quick walk to clean a little bit more, even though it’s not all yours. It will avoid birds to eat the toxic garbage on the beach and it will also avoid the current to take it all.

  1. ‘’Sharks are dangerous and deserve to get killed’’, isn’t something you want to hear.

Us neither. Protect the ocean by protecting what you think. Learn what’s going on in the ocean and defend your idea of it.  People often have prejudice about the reality of the sea, with all the things media are telling us. Sharks aren’t dangerous – we are trying to cohabit with them. Earthquakes aren’t happening for no reason. Glaciers aren’t melting for no reason neither. When people talk to you about these things, helps them change their mind with all the right information and the right words.  

Don’t forget why you can enjoy these swells.
Receive and give back.
Give back, to the Earth.