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1- Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? Where do you currently live? 

I'm currently based in Norwich which is a city in Norfolk off the east coast. I love it here, Norwich is such a great place to live; it's got so much history, plenty of pubs and cool bars and is great for any quirky art students! It's also not far from the coast too which is great for me and my family. 

2- Tell us about some of your hobbies and passions. 

Ah where do I start! Obviously art & design is my biggest passion. But I also love surfing; the surf isn't great here it's cold and sludgy but we make the most if it and there's some really great people about who are just eager to get in the water and have fun. I love crystals too, I have a huge collection and they're probably my favourite thing ever. And travelling, I've been really lucky to have been bought up in a family that are so eager to get on the road and discover new places and surf new spots. 

3 - Tell us how did you get started and involve in art?

I guess it's something I've always done but really got into at Paston sixth form which is where I am studying at the moment, and I leave next month. But I've had some really influential teachers here and have learnt so much about art and developing and challenging myself. It made it really easy to just fall in love with design and throw myself into my work.  But I've also had so much support from my family and friends, I am so lucky to have some really fab, supportive people in my life. 

4 - What do you like the most about arts? 

It's just such a broad subject, anything can be art and I think the most incredible thing you can do with your life is create and contribute something to the world and maybe even change it. 

5 - What are your dreams? 

I hope to start university in the autumn, I want to study there for 3 years and then travel the world. There's so many places I want to see and artists and brands I want to work with. I just want to explore really and work with as many lovely people as I can, like I have done with Akela! I really want to help people too, I feel like everyone should be entitled to an education and to learn and experience the same things I've been fortunate enough to, and sadly it's not the case in today's society. I want to change that. 

6 - Who and what inspire you ? 

Most of my work is inspired by nature, particularly the ocean and the desert. I am really passionate about the world around us and the importance of preserving and looking after our planet, before it's too late. I'm also really inspired by some of my course mates, I feel like we all have so much to learn from each other and there's so much talent about. 

7 - What do you like the most about behind an artist ? 

There is always something new to learn, you can just endlessly create, there's no limit to what you can achieve! And it's great working with different artists and brands from all over the world, just working with other passionate people. 

8- Anything you will like to share with us? 

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