Barnacle Babes

Hello, we met Jodi Mossop from Barnacle Babes Mag in Vancouver, BC.

    How was it to start a mag in 2015? Please tell us more about your experience

    • My partner Ashleigh Magill and I started Barnacle Babes in August of 2016. We published our first issue of Barnacle Babes magazine in October of 2016 and just released our 2nd issue Feb 2017. We have also produced 3 webisodes on YouTube to our Barnacle Babes channel, about some amazing Warrior Women of the Sea and plan to produce some destination “warrior training” retreats in different places of the world. The ride has been crazy!!! We tapped into a community that was hungry for what we were offering. There are communities out there for individual water sports, there are communities for conservation and communities for spirituality…but there were none that took all these women internationally and connected them through their love and passion for the ocean and bring them together to support, encourage and educate them in a common pursuit to protect her through water sport, ocean conservation and connection.

    Tell us how did you get started and involve in this project?

    • I had helped to start another web series project with a friend called, CruiserTV. We interviewed “cruisers” (people who had left their 9-5 jobs and decided to sail the world).  During many of my interviews with them, I was always intrigued by an answer I got when I asked, “What is it about the ocean that draws you to her?” I found men answered differently then women. Men are in love with the adventure, the smell, the freedom, the excitement. Women, they would answer, “it’s my grounding, it’s were I go to find peace. It’s where I am spiritually connected. I feel at one and at home when I am near the sea”. These answers propelled me to continue this conversation and look at my own connection. I’ve been around the ocean my whole life. I’ve sailed, kayaked, I was a competitive swimmer and water polo player for most of my childhood and then into my late teens. I considered myself a mermaid. Much like many individuals who grow up near the ocean and have a deep love for it, I also wanted to be a Marine Biologist. But life took me another direction and I became a wife and mother of 3 at a very young age. So now with my children grown, my desire to still be around the ocean and an even deeper desire to protect her and heal her, I’ve decided to become a Warrior Mermaid Collector and so began, Barnacle Babes; Warrior Women of the Sea. It’s a passion project. 

    What do you like the most about it?

    • I love all water sports! I love marine life! I love people! And…the ocean is my church.  If I could create a for purpose, for profit business that allowed me to play with some amazing kick ass, strong, educated, inspiring, and purpose driven women, life is perfect.

    What was your biggest challenge? 

    • My biggest challenge is learning to slow down. I want it all to happen right away. I’ve become almost obsessed with trying to figure it all out and have it be where I want it right away. All while boot strapping it myself.

    What message you want to give to your reader?

    • We understand you! We understand this draw, this calling to the ocean. Whether you’re a pro surfer, a sailor, a diver, a marine biologist, a painter, a professional mermaid, a want to be mermaid, a lover and protector of dolphins, sharks and other marine life and even a sustainable commercial fisher, we got you. Let’s come together and celebrate our passion and figure out a way to protect her and heal her. For us, for our children and for the world.

    Tell us about some of your hobbies and passions. 

    • I have 5 amazing boys (all now men) and a wonderful supportive husband (probably also why I appreciate being around women…lol) but I love to play with them. I do a lot of ocean kayaking, just started sailing again and hope to do some cruising with the hubby very soon. I’m just heading into my 50’s in a couple of years and look forward to learning to surf, kite board and get involved with a few educational conservation projects in the very near future. My passion is the ocean; my hobbies all include enjoying the ocean, so it’s not hard to have Barnacle Babes become all encompassing.

    Who and what inspire you? 

    • My father was and is my biggest inspiration. He was nuts, but he loved life. He was his happiest when he was on a boat and playing in the ocean. He was an entrepreneur and a dreamer. He never got to realize his dreams (he passed away from an illness at 48) and that’s stuck with me, I want to realize mine!  My other inspiration is the ocean. I’ve had spiritual encounters with her and have actually felt the ocean’s pain and her sorrow. She inspires me with her wisdom, endless energy and comfort every day. I feel so much gratitude to her and an obligation.

    How do you see the magazine culture now? 

    • I get people saying to us all the time…”The magazine business? Magazines are dying. There’s no money in magazines.” But in the very short time that we’ve been doing this, we are getting a fabulous reception. They love the articles and thanks to Ashleigh’s vision of the layout and pictures, the magazine is in high demand for print. We have people buying them from our website and viewing it online in large numbers. The magazine won’t be our money leader but it’s a great tool to build our community with and connect these women together, along with our social media presence.

    How's the surf community in Canada, West coast? 

    • The west coast of Canada is a VERY unique place for surfing!!!! The town of Tofino and Ucluelet are extremely conducive to female surfers. You can find, on any day, 50% or more surfers in the water, that are women. It is an extremely female supportive surfing community and many of these women are tough (cold winter surfers), business owners and passionate women. It’s one of my favorite places to interview women. We have done a few interviews of our web series of the women from here and we’re hoping to air them in the next few months.

    What would you like to be doing in 10 years from now?

    • In 10 years I hope that Barnacle Babes becomes THE place to find community, education, support, learn to surf, dive, travel with, and become inspired by. I hope that we can help develop some ocean hero’s and create value for the benefit of our planet.

    Anything you will like to share with us?

     A quote from one of my favorite ocean women of all time:
    “Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea. Early” 
    ― Sylvia A. EarleThe World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One