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Hey Camilla, whats up?
Im awesome!! Just get back from Sri Lanka!
Where are you from Camilla?
I come from The Mediterranean Sea, Tuscany, Italy.

Where do you currently live?

I live in the magic bay of Santander, Spain, during the summer time from April to October. In the rest of the year I travel around the globe with my boyfriend, the best mate for adventures!

Tell us about how you got involved in surf ?

I start surfing when I Was 17 years old. I remember I saw my friends surfing, they gave me an old and orange longboard and they told me "follow us". I caught one wave. Love at first sight!!

What do you like the most about surfing ?
I don't love only staying in the water and catching waves; I love everything revolves around the surf. I love living the sea from the first light to the last; I love admiring the sea life, walking on the beach with the smell of salt, sharing the waves with friends.

Tell us about your Surf Retreat, where is located ?
Our SurfCamp is located on the beach of Somo (Santander). It's all about having fun and enjoy the life!

Sharing is caring and our motivation is believe in each other's :-) And if you add surf and yoga, the recipe become perfect!

When did you open ?

We opened 5 years ago in Fuerteventura, Canary Island, Europe.

Who’s your clienteles ?

The people come in Wolfhouse like clients and they go out like friends. In the last years we had a lot of new surfer girls.

What do you like the most about running your business ?

I love my job because I stay all days with happy people and I live on the beach side.... So every free time I grab my longboard and I run into the ocean :-)

What’s a typical day mean for your spending at your Surf Retreat ?

Yoga lessons (I'm a teacher)
Managing the team
Managing again
And Surfing until the sunset
Sleep & repeat :-)

Do you offer others surf destination?

For the moment We are located at Playa de Somo, Santander in Spain. We are planning to open also in other beautiful Place in Europe!!

Did surf change something in your life?

I guess yes :) basically everything!
My life turns around the beach all year long, In fact when I'm off season I'm always searching tropical waves

You are currently on a surf trip, tell us about the destination, why you pick this spot, ect..
Winter destinations? Warm is the key word!
First: California. When you speak about California, you immediately think to "longboard paradise". Perfect point, long rights, dolphins and classic longboards in the water. This is California! I didn't carry my log, so I found a cheap and old school board 9 feet for 80 dollar, it had a lot of dings. I fixed it  with the help of my boyfriend and I started slide in the most beautiful points of earth. Rincon, is my favorite place in the world!
We make a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco, all the way up!

Then we continued the travel with a flight to Oahu, Hawaii. I've been there as my first travel in America 6 years ago. Every surfers dream about Hawaii. Nothing changed since when I left: Hawaiian music, the smell of the lanai flower on the North Shore, big turtles and crystal clear water.
December is the season of big waves, there is also the "Triple Crown" the last competitions of the WSL Tour. I found my spots for longboard to the south at Ala Moana reef and to the north-shore, the Haleiwa inside.

The 25 of December we took the flight for the Kangaroo Land. Australia is a magic place. The water is blue, the sand is light and there are a lot of animals I've never seen before. I love animals, I spend all day searching them. Kangaroos, Opossums and pappagallo are amazing.
The waves were little but perfect for longboard. All the good spots are super crowded. I surfed Rainbow bay in the Gold Cost, "The Pass" in Byron bay and Crescent head. I did a lot of yoga!
I found inspiration for my new drawings for the new collection of Wolfhouse Surfcamp.

The adventure continue: in a few days I will go to Indonesia and Srilanka.

Who and what inspires you ?
The nature.

Where/how do you see yourself in ten years ?
I hope to be with my boyfriend, my dog Kai, maybe with a son, traveling with a caravan on the beach!

Where's home for you?
My home is the ocean, where I can feel the smell of salt and the sound of the waves.

Any tips you have for a girl who want to start surfing and do a surf trip?
Surfing is all about having fun and be free!
Feel free to write me, I'm really happy to meet other surfer girls and share wonderful surf trips!

Any recommendations you have for someone that want to open a surf retreat business ?
First tip: work hard and dream big!
And if you make a passion your "job", I think You've scored!

I am super excited to be part of this family!

 Thanks for this lovely interview!!!!

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