Cold Water Surf in Nova Scotia

This summer we were pleased to make some trips to discover and surf in Nova Scotia. 

We have a little chat with Claire Parsons

  • Where is your home, surf spot?
I was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I now just live across the bridge from where I few up. My favorite surf spot and I guess my "home break" would be the Point at Lawrencetown. Lawrencetown reef is also where I first learned how to surf. 
  • Shortboard or Longboard? 

Longboard. But I also shortboard and use a mid-length often, especially when the waves are bigger and the sections faster.

  • What made you want to teach surf in Nova Scotia?

It seemed like a really fun summer job, and there's no better place in the summer than Lawrencetown beach! Plus, who wouldn't want surf breaks? 

  • Are your clients mostly Locals that want to improve their surf or tourist from all over the world?

I'd say it's a mix of both.

    Mostly locals who have always wanted to try surfing, as well as a lot of people from Quebec and Germany

    • What do you like the most about teaching people to surf?

    I love teaching kids. They always seem to have the most fun and pick it up very quickly.

    • How you will describe the surf scene in Nova Scotia?
    It's a small surf scene. Everyone knows everyone you often see the same faces in the water. It's definitely changing and the sport is growing fast in the province. Summer the water can get very crowded, in the winter there aren't so many people which is great. There's also a very strong female surf community!
    • Any Surf events coming up this fall in Nova Scotia?

    We're hoping to have a shortboard contest soon. But still unsure about the dates as we usually only hold them on Sunday's.

    • During the winter, do you travel outside Canada for surfing?
    In the winter I often to try to get away somewhere warm for a few weeks, but generally, I try and stick winter out in Nova Scotia. With the right gear, it's really not that cold! 
    • What’s your memorial surfing or teaching moment?
    I think my favorite surfing memory is when I arrived in a small surf down in West Java, Indonesia and found the perfect right point break that longboarders dream of.  
    • Is surf in Canada should be more recognized Worldwide?

    Yes, I think surfing in Canada should be recognized more. It sometimes almost feels like an extreme sport. It's cold, and if you're trying to get a session in before or after work you have very little light. And we have some world-class waves, I'm sure there are even spots around the province that no one has ever even surfed.

    • How do you Surf the 10 years from now in Nova Scotia?
    I don't see it changing very much. Maybe busier summers, but the winters will always prevent the crowds from getting too big. 
    • What advice you have for someone that wants to come to Nova Scotia, Canada and learn to surf or surf?

    If you haven't tried surfing before I recommend taking a surf lesson first and to do your research on the best time of year to come visit. August is probably the best time if you're just learning and the weather is beautiful! 

    Thanks Claire :) Aloha