Rendez-vous with Surfer Jodie BURKE

Where you from, where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Long Beach, Barbados located on the SE coast of the island where the waves are very consistent and it's an ideal area for learning to surf.

What is like to be an Island Girl?

I Love being an island girl in our tropical paradise, Always wearing swimsuits ,at the beach being active spending many hours everyday in the ocean snorkeling , boating surfing in general having fun with friends and family.

Where do you surf mostly?

I surf the most at Freights bay on the south coast of Barbados, it a perfect left hand point break great for long boarding.

Any members of your Family surf too? 

The entire family surfs. My dad was a former professional surfer and is a multiple Barbados National  and international champion, my older brother Josh Burke currently surfs full time professionally and younger brother Jacob Burke is now starting to do the WSL Jr. pro tour.

Who was the greatest influence on your surfing career?   

As soon as my brothers and I were able to walk my dad had us in the water on the nose of his board and on his shoulders in the waves  so definitely my dad. Also watching my brothers grow in surfing had an impact on me wanting to surf.

What’s it like to surf everyday (or almost) ? 

Surfing almost everyday acts as a stress reliever for me and coming home from school, I always have something to look forward to!

What goals do you have for the future as a surfer?

In the future I would like to have travelled to many surf spots and had the experience of surfing many types of waves while experiencing different cultures. 


How many places have you travelled to and where’s been the best waves? 

I have travelled and surfed New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Huntington Beach and Lowers Trestles in California and Lowers has been the best waves so far.

You are a free surfer or competitive surfer?

I am a free surfer!

What boards are in your quiver? 

I have a 9’ 0 Longboard and a collection of short boards with my favorite 5’ 7 short board


...And your best memory of surfing?

My best memory of surfing would have to be when my dad used to put me on his shoulders and ride the wave all the way to the beach

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