LEX Weinstein

An Artist, Stylist, Ambassador of the senses... 
Inspired most by the pulse of the ocean and traveling around the globe
she use her blog blog.lexweinstein.com/ a greenhouse of creativity that cultivates art, fashion, spirit, and life.
credit photo: @alexkilauano
Here the link to Watch Che Don't Surf a Surfer Mag Film
How was surfing in Cuba? Please tell us more about your experience there..
Cuba was a beautiful mess! My Mother is from there so to surf there was a dream come true for me. However it's a very unexplored country as far as surfing goes, so navigating shallow reef, fire coral, and choppy wind swell was quite a challenge.
Do you recommend Cuba as a Surf destination?
It's not perfect by any means, but if you want the experience and have low expectations you could still have a great time. I think Cuba has a long way to go before I would recommend it for purely surfing. There are so many spots that are undiscovered and with inconsistent internet to predict swells and forecast it's a tricky spot to navigate. The surf culture needs to develop more but there is so much potential and a great crew organizing and growing now.
credit photo: @woodygphoto
How was your experience surfing with Otto Florez, Jared Mell & Cyrus Sutton?
Those boys are like my brothers, love them to death. They're all insanely talented in the water and had me cracking up laughing the whole trip.
Who/what inspiring you the most in the surf industry?
I'm most inspired by everyone in the water who's upping the vibes of community and consciousness, spirit and community. I'm stoked on groups like Take 3, Clean Coast Collective, and One Wave is All it Takes.
credit photo: @captainbarto
Where's your favorite surf spot?
The Pass in Byron Bay will be my favorite wave until I find the secret, uncrowded, wrapping point break equivalent that right now, only exists in my dreams.
Where's your next surf trip?
I'll be heading to France at the end of August and until then I'll be exploring the California coast.
credit photo: @danlorch
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'll probably be starting a little family with a bit of land somewhere near the coast, growing veggies and living simply with a caravan for road trip adventures. That's the dream ;)