Priscilla Ann Cannon

We introduce Akela Surf, WestCoast Canadian Ambassador Priscilla Ann Cannon, ex pro snowboarder, she want to share with us her Healthy Lifestyle and her blog Satisfy Your Soul, and also she is a good friend of Annie Gagne the Co-Founder of the Brand. Enjoy!
Akela Surf: What's your plant-based food blog all about? 
My blog  Satisfy Your Soul was created with the intention to inspire and empower women in their kitchen, and to live a healthier lifestyle. All the recipes are plant-based, mostly whole foods, super yummy, and easy to prepare. 
Akela Surf: How did you come up with the name?
Food is very emotional, we sometimes dive into a particular dish that simply reminds us of a cozy time of our life growing up, or we pig out on a bag of chips to fulfill a certain hole inside that's causing us pain. Most of us are dealing with food addictions, and will power alone isn't enough to beat those addictions. "Satisfy Your Soul" represents fulfilling your emotional cravings while nourishing your body and soul. Healthy food CAN be comforting, if you combine the right ingredients together. 
Akela Surf: Did you always eat a plant-based diet?
No way! I grew up in Quebec eating poutine Lol! Well maybe not exactly, but my grandmother owned the best poutine stand in town. At home we ate lots of processed food, meat and dairy. I remember the vegetables we ate were often bought pre-cut and frozen. 
Akela Surf: What made you switch to a plant-based diet? 
1. I was fed up with food addictions, bad skin, and that extra layer I couldn't get rid of unless I exercised religiously and starved myself. I used to be miserable because I love food too much to deprive myself. It's such a blessing to finally be free to eat however much I want everyday without worry.
2. I switched when I discovered the horrifying truth on animal agriculture. I watched this documentary Earthlings by Joaquin Phoenix and that was the biggest eye and heart opener. I never touched meat again after that. 
3.I did it for the environment. Animal agriculture is the #1 leading cause of air pollution, water pollution, Amazon rainforest destruction, and drought. It's completely unsustainable and the truth is finally coming out. I highly recommend this documentary Cowspiracy. It's super well done, mind blowing, and funny.
Akela Surf: Can this diet sustain an athletic lifestyle? 
Absolutely! A lot of it comes down to digestion. Eating easily digestible food is key, not only for a better absorption of nutrients but also for a quicker recovery. Also when our body can easily recognize and digest proper food, it can finally keep up, which means we no longer accumulate excess weight. And being light on your feet is definitely an advantage for an active lifestyle. I notice it a lot when I'm rock climbing, mountain biking, or surfing. I have a lot more stamina, and can go a lot longer. 
Akela Surf: Where do you get your protein? 
I used to think I needed protein with every single meal, I was obsessed with it. Society has brainwashed all of us with this whole protein myth. There is actually protein in vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes and probable most foods you eat everyday. Did you know that if you ate only potatoes every single day for years you would be totally fine? Protein is the last worry on my mind. As long as I eat fresh, organic whole food that grows from the earth, I'll be healthy. 
Akela Surf: Do you take any supplements? 
I take B-12 and sometimes vitamin D. 
Akela Surf: Any last words?
Be open minded, educate yourself, listen to your body, and take responsibility for your health. Only you can really do it. You are what you eat!