Women Who Surf

If you dont know about this amazing Women Who Surf  Group on Facebook, you been missing out !

Never too late to join it. Sorry man, its women only!

Women Who Surf | Facebook

Created by Vanessa Grace Yeager

Hello Vanessa, Where you're from ?
I am from Costa Mesa California! 

How did you come up with the idea to create the group Women who Surf?

I was looking for more community with other female surfers without all the men. Something for us.... which didn’t exist at the time so I created the space. 

    Tell us a bit more about the group Women who Surf?

    It is a global group of women who surf. Super awesome community and great resource for women. 

    What's the mission of the group Women who Surf?

    To connect and be a safe space to talk about all things surfing without the comments and influence of men. 

    Do you see a positive impact on this group and encourage women to surf more?

    Oh yes...I promote kindness in the group and try to keep the tone positive and encouraging. Women supporting women. 

    What's the funniest comments have you seen on the group wws?

    We have had a few men sneak in and that’s always funny. The women instantly let me know when something is going on that needs my attention. Like a man.... making comments. 

      Who inspires You? 

      I am inspired by all the women who surf. They are strong, fearless, and adventurous women.  I think we all push one another.

      My favorite surfer ever is Rell Sunn. 🥰

      What's your most memorable surf session experience?

      Ahhh there are so many. I would say surfing in Italy was pretty awesome though. Never did I think I would end up surfing both coast of Italy. 

        Your favorite surf spot?

        Blackies, Newport Beach, California

        Anything you will like to share with us?

        I started an Instagram for the facebook group. @womenwhosurf_ I encourage the women to send in photos of themselves surfing with a little bio. So far it has been fun getting to know the women better.  


        Thanks Vanessa Aloha :)

        Cover Art done by: @uhuhualoha