Akela Surf

Bikini Bottom Brazil Blue

$20 $36
Color: Blue AW
We designed this bikini bottom Brazil Brazilian cut. Seamless and reversible easy to pack for your next trip. Great for chilling at the beach.
  • Polyester/ Lycra 


  • Anti-snag, resistance from board and wax friction
  • Print limited edition
  • Seamless
  • Easy to care and wash
Still, have a question about this product, please contact us info@akelasurf.com

      Akela Surf inc. was created in 2014 by surfers Servio Anez and Annie Gagne.

      Since the beginning, we have stayed true to what we have believed in quality and sophistication inspired by a life spent in a swimsuit — And over the years, we have gone from creating simple surfwear, to designing the highest-quality swimwear, surfwear and active swimwear from the sunny Caribbean, to each of you, worldwide.

      We combine style and passion with all of the Ocean's elements, using Annie’s sound knowledge of design and Servio’s creative vision.

      Driven by our passion for the ocean, we bring confidence and stylish to the lineup and we empower women to follow their dreams. Year after years, we bring new materials,  eco-friendly fabrics and conscious ethical design and procedures to create an exclusive Brand.

      Our mission is to create the most comfortable, fashion and fusional Surf Swimwear and Active Swimwear to play on the water.


      Annie & Servio :)

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