Meet our Brand Ambassadors
Amanda Marie Giberson, FL

Spotted this hottie, Amanda Marie Giberson, at Freight’s Bay Barbados during the late winter.
This girls has been ripping up the US contest scene the past weeks and it awesome to watch surf.
And I mentioned she is super hot not to forget one of the nicest girls in the line up!
Jay Garrett



Kaitlin Maguire, CA

You are going to compete in china at the WSL World Championships in December, what kind of training does it take?
To prepare for China I have been surfing almost every day trying to refine my surfing going backside.
You never know what kind of surf/swell there will be during that time of the year, therefore I’ve been practicing on various types of boards for preparation.
The wave is a long left point break which means you have to be conditioned.
I’ve been taking Barre classes which is a isometric workout infused with Pilates/Ballet to work on my balance and core strength.
Also, I’ve been doing distance workouts to build up my endurance for the long paddle.



Kawehi Louis-Diamond, Hawaii 

I can't thank you enough. This suit is literally a life changer for me.
I put it on and it's PERFECT.
Fits just like the sports bras and spandex I've been running for so long and I know it'll react the same in the water because of the fit.
Your brand has brought me water style lol.
I am so happy I no longer have to just keep running wetsuits and can have a regular bikini outfit.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you! 


Sage Offutt, FL 

“Different is good... So don’t fit in, don’t sit still,
never try to be less than what you are,
and when someone tells you that you are different,
smile and hold your head up high and be proud.”



Jodie Burke & Olivia Warden, Barbados

Surfing is all about fun and friends!




Kennedy Wilcox, NY 

 Follow Kennedy on instagram; https://www.instagram.com/kennedyjan 


Natalie Sageloly, Costa Rica

We don’t even like the word “retreat” because it insinuates that you are being pulled away from something.
We are anything but a boxed in experience.
I can’t even imagine booking a vacation to this amazing country and not experiencing it. Nat




Catherine Bernier, QC

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