Claire grew up in a small cabin tucked away in the forest on Vancouver Island, British-Columbia. This setting allowed her to spend a lot of time in the woods and in the water and nurtured a deep love and appreciation for nature, which is reflected in much of her work. After living in Montreal for several years, she recently moved back to Vancouver Island, spending part of her time in the Cowichan Valley working in a studio with her partner, and the rest of the time trying to spend on the coast in our second home, a  camperized Ford Econoline Van.

I wanted to be making art, not learning about it. Fortunately, making art as a profession was never something I was told I couldn't do and I have been pursuing this since graduating from university. 


The arts is such an inclusive community that holds a common language across all cultures.

For me being an artist has meant finding a voice that allows me to engage in issues or experiences that are important to me. I not only incorporate a lot of issues of environmentalism and sustainability into my work, but I try to include parts of myself, whether that be a personal experience or beauty that I see from engaging with our world. Being able to create something that allows me to speak makes me feel empowered. I also love the diversity that comes with being an artist, as it turns out there is so much more to it than just making work. From working with printers, framers, friendly folks at the art store, to working with clients, it really takes a community to make an artwork.    


Art is creativity taking shape, an ability to speak when you can't find words, and art is a little bit of beauty that we all need.


Claire's Beautiful Butterfly print will be available for Spring 2018 Collection. 
Stay tuned!