More than just a shaper - An interview with Donald Brink // BRINK SURF

April 27, 2015

CREDIT JEFF DAVIS In a modern era where technologies is taking the control, surfboard shapers and future one need to make a decision: to use the technology as a friend, or to continue as an individual and keep shaping with hands, no matter the time it takes. Such a dilemma! Brink Surfboard is a California based company, where Donald Brink transfers his passion into wooden planks for the world to surf on. This is more than just a board, this is a piece of art. Shaped by hands, Donald is known for his asymmetrical surfboards – yes, the ones that are coming back in style (or they never really left). I had a talk with him two weeks ago, or a bit... Continue Reading →


April 24, 2015

Akela Surf x Mimi Hammer from The Savvy Local   Mimi Hammer X Akela Surf going to Swim Collective Trade Show in California. An important event in the swimwear industrie we can't miss! Learn more and help us.  CLICK HERE Aloha x Continue Reading →

Why as a surfer – we should think about the ocean

April 15, 2015

Let’s be honest, being able to surf with such a powerful connection with the ocean and the marine life is a beautiful process. While we are out there, we don’t have any control, neither any idea of how strong nature can be. A force that can destroy anything and anyone on her way. That’s the beauty of it. Not being sure of what’s going to happen, if the water will take us back where we belong or will push us further so we can connect with the ocean and be brave. Not being sure if a shark will attack by mistake in a risked area or if we’ll be lucky enough to see dolphins sharing the wave with us. At... Continue Reading →

Hey kid, drink your green juice!

April 06, 2015

As summer is coming, we can feel the rush of being healthy and all ready to get our boards out and our wetsuit on (do you think it will still fit?). Oh well. We were not courageous as you, getting our daily work out in the ocean while it was freezing minus zero. The idea of swimming next to chunks of ice wasn’t exactly my concept of paradise, and didn’t pop up in my head as something I should do. But, now, the sunshine is now back on track and ready to warm our heart and our life. The problem is that we are not ready for it. Not at all. We just spent a cozy winter in our overheat... Continue Reading →


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