Tropical beauties and the sea – An Interview with Andy Wauman

March 04, 2015

February 22th. I sent a message to Andy Wauman aka Gutterdust, expecting an interview. It took him one week to reply to me, which is totally normal, but in my head, seems like forever. I almost thought he would have changed his mind and cancel the interview. I didn’t want to. Andy & his work inspired me in an odd way, like joy exploding in my chest. Knowing why wasn’t the issue, I wanted to know who was behind that art. We all see the photos, but we never see behind. The cameras. The talent. The passion. The love. Where did you grow up and when / how did you get involved with photography? I grew up in Antwerp, Belgium.... Continue Reading →

No more white landscapes

March 03, 2015

Moving to Florida isn’t like you expect it to be. I’m sure that if I could read into minds, there will be three words I could read in: sharks, flat & Slater. You may be right on some points, but let’s try to understand deeperinto the subject.  Yes, there are a lot of sharks, but avoiding them is quite easy, your goal isn’t to scare them so they can eat you alive, you only want to share the ocean with them. We can think of it as something magical, living your passion next to one of the wildest marine animals on earth. Florida isn’t flat. This isn’t Teahupoo, Mavericks or Nazare, this isn’t Hawaii, Bali or California, but the waves... Continue Reading →

Akela Surf SS2015

March 02, 2015 Continue Reading →

Les Others Magazine - Volume I

February 15, 2015

We are glad to present this new project Les Others Magazine. Storytelling and exploration. The first bilingual and biannual magazine that makes you travel all around the world ! The project After over 2 years of loyal service on the web, Les Others intends to carry its beautiful stories into your library by publishing a biannual and bilingual printed edition, right halfway between a travel diary and a beautiful art book.   The success of the main objective, fixed at 8 800 euros, will enable the printing of the first 1 000 copies of the magazine, and thus seal the launch of this great adventure. The secondary objectives, for their part, will allow us on one hand to distribute the... Continue Reading →


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