The alternative for the surfer living in Montreal

June 29, 2015

The sun is part of our day and endless walk are part of our night. We now can walk around with our high-waisted shorts, our tank tops and our sandals. We can lay in the grass the whole day without thinking about winter. We can explore different neighbourhood with a Bixi and we can try all the coffee shops we want, expecting our pictures to be perfect because the sunshine is there. We can listen to electronic music while drinking bucket drinks and we can dance the whole night without knowing it was the night. We can now skateboards in the streets and try all the tricks we always wanted to do. Summer is here. Summer is you. Summer is... Continue Reading →

Plus qu'un simple shaper - Entrevue avec Donald Brink de Brink Surfboard

May 28, 2015

Nous sommes dans une ère moderne où la technologie a pris le contrôle et où les fabricants de planches de surf actuel et futurs doivent prendre une décision : utiliser la technologie en tant qu’allier ou continuer en tant qu’individuel en continuant à fabriquer avec leurs mains, sans prendre conscience du temps que cela prend. Un tel dilemme ! Brink Surfboard est une compagnie basée en Californie, où Donald Brink transmet sa passion pour que le monde entier puisse surfer avec ses planches. Celles-ci sont plus que des simples planches, ce sont des pièces d’art. Fabriqué à la main, Donald est reconnu pour ses planches asymétriques – oui, celles qui reviennent de plus en plus en style (ou elles n’ont... Continue Reading →

This is not a surfer, this is Jared - Interview with Jared Mell

May 25, 2015

Credit Dane Peterson This is Jared. He may seem like your typical Californian guy, but he isn’t. Even though he fits most of the stereotypes and he accepted it. You have probably seen him during his rounds at the Noosa Festival with his well-known funny vibes, or you may have shared a wave with him while he drank a sip from a can of beer. But, you definitely haven’t caught waves like he does. You will probably never will. Jared Mell, aka Surf-a-Billy, is the guy that you can be jealous of. Living between California and Bali, chasing beautiful swells and living a real adventure around the world because of Tequila and Vans, this Longboard rider his now all over... Continue Reading →

Love and fear relationship with the sun – The truth about sunscreen

May 14, 2015

  Credit: The stereotype about surfers that doesn’t care about anything is overrated. We care about stuff. Actually, about a lot of stuff. We care about the sunshine and the waves. We care about our crew and our family. We care about the environment and the plastics. We care about culture and health. But if there is one thing we often forget to care about, its coconut oil or kale. We also avoid talking too much about the Chia seeds we eat in the morning with our berry smoothie or the Maca powder we take as well. We don’t talk about the magic tea we drink at night neither the sunscreen we use. Wait… what? Sunscreen? We don’t use... Continue Reading →


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