Chelsea Roett Swimwear Collection

Chelsea Roett 

What made you want to start surfing in the first place?

A pink surfboard actually started it all. When I was younger my mum wanted me to do some kind of activity that she considered being safe for a four-year-old so I started ballet I loved it and did it for years until one day I came home from ballet class and spotted my dad’s old fluorescent pink surfboard I went straight up to it and told my parents that I want to do whatever that pink surfboard involved.

What was the hardest part of learning to surf?

It actually came pretty easy for me being from an island I spend most of my time at the beach, I would take my little boogie board and go surf small waves with my friends and be able to stand up on it and balance so a surfboard was actually easy.

What's the feeling of surfing?

There is no other feeling like it. For me I feel free it’s an escape from everything going on around me. I just pick up my board and as my feet touch the water I’m in my own little serene world and when I stand up on a wave I feel powerful like nothing can stop me.
You have been competing, for how long?

I have been competing since the age of 11. My first contest was a little scholastic contest at one of my favorite beaches Drill Hall ( Brandon’s) in Barbados and I actually ended up coming in 1st.

What do you like most about the competition?

I love competition because it pushes me to be better, it’s a way for me to almost show myself how much my hard work and dedication pays off.
What is your opinion about Surfing in the Olympic?

I think it’s great it’s something that I have been training for my entire life.

Where is your favorite surf spot you compete?

I would have to say anywhere at home, being able to have my family on the beach to support me as well as sleep in my own bed, nothing compares to that.

Where is your home (surf spot)?

That’s a tough one... I actually live right in the middle of South point and Drill Hall (Brandon’s) so I would say both.

What do you love about surfing in Barbados?

Surfing in a bikini all year round for sure!

Who's your best partner to surf with?

My dad. He has been there for me since day one. It’s a magical moment being able to share my love for surfing with my dad. Most of the time when we arrive at a surf break people look at us and go “ The Roetts have arrived” 
You did a swimwear collaboration recently with Akela Surf. What was your inspiration?

It is all about Barbados... I told my mum when I was younger that if a swimwear company ever came to me and asked to collaborate the first bikinis fabric would have to have the Pride of Barbados flower and that’s what we did, the blue on the suit symbolizes the ocean and the pink on the other side is obviously because my favorite color is pink. My whole piece is a kinda burgundy/ wine I shared a love of that color with my grandad and I had to include it in the collection. I couldn’t be happier because it came out awesome.

What do you like most about a bikini?

Being I live on an island most of the time my first outfit of choice is a bikini and to me every time I put on a bikini it makes me feel confident and that’s because from me competing the most powerful and victorious moments in my life I have been wearing a bikini.

What advice can you give to women that want to start surfing?

To go for it. I wish I had started surfing so much sooner than I did in life. Growing up I was this shy girl almost in a shell and surfing brought me out of that shell and has made me the woman that I am today.

What advice can you give to a tourist visiting/surfing to Barbados?

It would have to be to link up with a local trust me it will help you a lot simple things like finding a surf break or if you get lost it’s always good to have a local around or you can just contact me and I can try to help as best as I can!
Stay tuned for AKELA SURF X CHELSEA ROETT swimwear collection coming on April 15
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