Paddle The Current

Paddle The Current with Curin Herman from Chicago

What’s your background? 

I'm a former college soccer player that still enjoys being active and finding physical challenges. I've been paddleboarding for almost ten years and bought my first inflatable paddleboard about 5 years ago, which inspired all my SUP travels! I became a certified yoga instructor a little over two years ago and decided to merge my love of yoga and SUP by becoming a certified SUP yoga teacher last summer. I teach SUP yoga in the summers with Chicago SUP on Lake Michigan. 

How did you come up with the idea to create Paddle the Current? 

When I bought my inflatable paddleboard, I started researching different places I could travel with my board and places to launch into the water. Surprising, this was hard to find! I needed detailed instructions of where to safely launch a paddleboard and a little information about the best routes to paddle in different areas. This is really important research when you are traveling somewhere unfamiliar. It's important to know the rules of launching personal watercraft in each area and some safety tips. I also had so many people stop and ask questions about my inflatable paddleboard as I was getting ready to launch my board locally into Lake Michigan or the Chicago River. I decided to start my blog to share all my travel tips and explain the benefits of an inflatable paddleboard!

Tell us a bit more about Paddle the Current? 

Paddle the Current includes tips on how to buy and travel with an inflatable paddleboard along with paddling information for all the places I've paddled with my board. I've also included my experiences with yoga teacher training and SUP yoga teacher training.

My website provides a few yoga tips and details on how to use your yoga certification to teach at resorts on vacation!

I also include information about SUP yoga, the benefits and a little about my classes.

What's the mission of Paddle the Current? 

To bring awareness to the growing sport of stand up paddleboarding and the benefits of SUP yoga.  My goal is to make paddleboarding accessible to everyone by providing a practical way to own and travel with a paddleboard. 

Why the pratique of Yoga on a SUP is so popular? 

SUP yoga is so special because you are performing a mindful practice of yoga with the benefits of nature and water. SUP yoga isn't in a controlled environment like studio yoga, so it teaches you to go with the flow and be one with nature. It's also a very challenging workout and core strengthener! It's a way to really challenge your current yoga practice.

Do you need to have any Yoga skills to try it on SUP? 

You do not need to have any yoga skills to try my SUP yoga classes. I provide modifications for every pose that is accessible to anyone. We do recommend that you've been on a paddleboard before, but it's not required. I provide an introduction to SUP along with tips for SUP yoga before each class. We even include some time after class to enjoy a leisurely paddle with complimentary photos!

What inspires You?

I'm inspired by exploring new challenges either by travel, fitness or just being one with nature. Being one with nature is so peaceful and inspiring.

Who inspires you? 

I'm inspired by anyone who has a positive attitude to make the best of whatever the situation is in life. There are also silver linings to anything.

What's your most memorable experience with Paddle the Current? 

I have so many, it's hard to pinpoint just one thing! I do really enjoy teaching my SUP yoga classes because I get to share the sport of SUP with others, as well. A few of my students have been inspired to buy their own paddleboards, too! I really enjoy it when people find the enjoyment of SUP and SUP yoga.

How do you keep yourself busy now being in quarantine? 

Our lakefront is closed right now, which is very hard for me because whether I'm jogging, walking, or paddling, I love being near water. I'm lucky in that my full-time job allows me to work from home and I have a 6 month puppy that is getting plenty of park visits right now! I try to get outside with him as much as I can along with jogs or walks through the city, which is my neighborhood. I've been inspired to find new running routes that I've really enjoyed! I'm also doing at home yoga and boxing workouts to keep my core strong. I'm trying to catch up on blog posts and really enjoy the downtime, even though the world is so chaotic right now.

Anything you will like to share with us? 

Thank you for this opportunity and for checking out my blog.  I hope you follow along in the future and I encourage everyone to sign up for a SUP yoga class with me if you are ever in Chicago!

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