Artist Chapman at Sea

A few years ago, we had the chance to meet Tasha Chapman, in Cocoa Beach Florida, a passionate and talented artist. 
We have been following her arts and evolution through these years and enjoying the vibe, colors palette and inspiration reflected in each piece. 
I’m Tash Chapman and I go by Chapman at Sea, which is really more of a brand name for the board bags I make, but it’s a good way to find me online.
I’m from Southeast Florida and am currently living in Vero Beach, FL
What’s your background?
Mostly self-taught. I graduated from the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale where I learned graphic design but I was drawing way before that. Art is just something I’ve always done for as long as I can remember.
What kind of Art do you make?
I do drawings and paintings of local tropical landscapes, native animals, and surf related things. Sometimes I mash it all together.
How do you make it? 
Sometimes I paint on wood panels using graphite and acrylic paints. Also, love getting my hands on skateboard decks. Other times I draw on really thick papers and add some watercolors or color my drawings digitally.
Why do you use certain materials? 
I’m really into textures. I love seeing the wood grain show through my paints or seeing the patterns in rumpled watercolor paper. I'll use any material that lets the natural beauty of the canvas come though and gives me the feeling I’m after. Experimenting is part of the appeal
What does your artwork represent? 
It’s a little simple to say, but it all represents good times to me. When I think back about the best days and what they looked like I see sunny days, friends, waves, all the plants that grow by the coast and so I interpret all that into my own scenes.
Does your art represent something about you? 
It’s kind of a scrapbook of my experiences. So say I had a really good day catching waves and on the way back walked past a field of palmettos and saw a raccoon. Those things aren’t directly related to surfing but they were part of the experience. So now I think that raccoon is my surf buddy and so I’ll paint him that way.
Why do you make this type of Art? 
Being outside, surfing, and everything that goes with it makes me happy. I think a lot of people feel that way. So I make it remember that free feeling, to celebrate the outdoors and maybe if someone brings my art into their home they can feel that way too, even if they’re not at the beach all the time. I just want to share the joy.
I feature local plants & animals because I like them, but also because they can sometimes go unnoticed when we pass them every day. These landscapes mean such a lot to me personally but are so important to all of us. They deserve our care and respect, so I try to highlight them in the hopes of encouraging conservation efforts as well.
Why are you drawn to this subject? 
I’ve always been drawn to skate and surf culture. It’s a place where you can be relaxed, be yourself, and just enjoy the ride.
What inspires You? 
Nature, the ocean, kindness, feeling like I’m somewhere I belong
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