Chloé Calmon | pro surfer | life lover | rio de janeiro

juillet 02 2018 – Annie Gagne

Chloé Calmon | pro surfer | life lover | rio de janeiro
Chloé Calmon | pro surfer | life lover | rio de janeiro

Tell us about yourself: Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

I was born and bred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and still is my favorite city.

Tell us about some of your hobbies and passions.

I always lived next to the beach and my dad as a surfer and swimmer put me in the water since I was a little baby. So it was a matter of time until I felt ready to start surfing. Since I can remember I have a passion for the ocean, and everything I do is based on the waves. I am really blessed to be a professional surfer and to be able to get in the water everyday. Another passion for me is to have an active lifestyle. Besides surfing I like to work out, run at the beach, swim, any exercise to be active.

Tell us how did you get started and involve in longboard surfing?

I got my first surfboard when I was 11 -  a funboard. A year later I borrowed my dad's longboard in a small wave day and I fell in love with in on my very first wave. I got attracted with the fact of how a tiny girl like me could control such a big board and still have plenty of fun. In the same year I started competing on local contest, state events and then the national events. I've always been competitive - before surfing I would compete in swimming; so I really loved being around contests and since that time I was focused to improve myself everyday.

What do you like the most about riding a longboard?

Longboarding is so versatile, you can express your personality in so many ways - coming back to the roots of classical style of surfing, pushing the limits in progressive maneuvers, or just trimming, going straight. You can surf all kinds of wave, and I think that is why people feels so attracted to longboard - everybody can surf. And to me, the act of walking on the board is amazing, like a ballet.


You’re a world longboard champion, how does it feel?

Now I am current ranked 3rd in the world rankings, and my big goal is to win the world title. That's where I put my daily energy and what I've been working hard for. I know there are very talented girls out there, and every detail counts, but I'm willing to do everything to achieve it.

How do you feel when you are in a competition ?

I feel really excited when I am close to a contest, to finally show what I've been training and working. But to compete is an art, there are so many things involved besides surfing. The hard thing is to surf in a heat the same way I freesurf and forget about the other surfers, so you have to work a lot on your mind.

How would you describe your style ?

I feel more relaxed when I keep it classic and go out with big boards just for nose riding. But as a competitor, you need a good mix of both classical and progressive. Having only beach breaks at my hometown I got to work a lot with lighter boards and modern maneuvers. The good thing about longboarding is that you can surf in so many ways, so why put on a label and strict it to only way or another? :)

Do you think there’s a place for competitive long boarding compare to short board?

There are a lot of great competitors in the longboard scenario around the world. The only thing is there are not many contests, comparing to shortboard. When I started competing in Brazil, there were so many contests and nowadays we only had one in March. The world championships have only one event in China, and it would be great to have more events to decide the world title so that the winner would be the real best surfer throughout the year in all of the conditions. And now with the news that surfing will be an Olympic Sport from Tokyo 2020, so it's about time the longboard crew gathers up together to stand up for our sport!

What fears do you have in surfing and how have you overcome them?

My fear on bigger and hollow waves was based on breaking my boards and staying for a while underwater. But the most important, for any surfers, is to know your limits and respect it. Sometimes I get on the beach and the waves aren't that big, but I don't feel 100% confident so I don't paddle out, and I feel ok with it. Now I have a very good board structure so if I break a board that's not a big deal anymore.

Who and what inspire you in your surf ?

I feel inspired by many surfers, both men and women, I try to get one thing from each one to create the perfect surfer on my mind. Few of them: CJ Nelson, Taylor Jensen, Carla Rowland, Kassia Meador...
When I'm surfing I am always pushing myself to do better, if it's trying a new move or improving an old one.


What inspires you to keep pushing the limits of women’s longboarding?

I come from the one of the most iconic longboard spots in Brazil, so there's a lot of surfers there. I feel really happy when I come home from a trip and see many girls starting longboarding or someone messages me saying that somehow I inspired them. This inspires me to give my best everyday and to help our scene grow as much as I can.


How do you see the surf culture now?

It's cool to be a surfer nowadays, it has exploded in many countries and the sport is more professional. Big companies out of the segment coming into this scene sponsoring athletes and events, interviews on open TV... In Brazil, surfing is so popular in the mainland states, where people have never been to the beach. For us athletes is a good thing I think because people see us as professionals like in any other sports.

Are any member of your family are pro surfers too?

My dad used to compete before I was born, and he came back to competition with me, when I started. We used to go the Brazilian championships together, I'm doing the pro women division, and he doing the Master division. He used to be a professional swimmer to, and even went to a Pan-American games representing Brazil.

Where would be your surf dream destination ?

I'm really looking forward to do a boat trip again to a paradise place. I want to go to Indonesia and Maldives.  Last year I travelled for 2 months on a ship - the Indies Trader, commanded by Martin Daly - around Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Papua New Guine and Solomon Island. That was insane, we went to places never visited and surfed waves never ridden.

If you had to choose one longboard to ride, which one and why?

My day-by-day model that I've designer with my sponsor New Advance and my shaper Neco Carbone. It's a 2+1 epoxy board, high performance, a little heavier and wider nose, good for small conditions too. I can say I can surf with this board in pretty much all kinds of waves.

What is your best memory of a surf trip you have recently?

When I went to Portugal for the first time to surf and won a LQS, I really felt I was at home and had an amazing reception by the local people, made many friends and went to awesome places.
Australia was really special trip, I decided to go a month before so I planned it in a rush but everything went well, surfed perfect waves, I fed a kangaroo and got to know magical places like Byron Bay and Noosa.


What would you like to be doing in 10 years from now?

Surfing everyday - for sure. If not competing I see myself working on something to give it back to the sport, like putting on events for the new generation, trying to help the sport somehow.


What advice can you offer to women surfers?

Find joy in everything, always respecting your limits and Mother Nature!

Best surf spot for longboarding?

So hard to pick one spot!!!!! Praia da Macumba/Brazil; Byron Bay/Australia, San Onofre/California.