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mars 30 2020 – Annie Gagne

Sisters of Surf Film
Sisters of Surf Film


We met with Ramon Brockington from Sisters of Surf Film

Hello, where you're from and where you are currently living?

I grew up in a small town by the name of Georgetown located in South Carolina. Honolulu Hawaii is now home.

Tell us a bit more about the Sisters of Surf project? 

I think I sorta dreamt about it one night. I received some inspiration from films such as Single Fin Yellow and LOG.

What makes Sisters of Surf project so unique and special?

Sisters of Surf started out as just a few short clips uploaded to Instagram and Vimeo. Over the course of the last year, we were included in the 2019 Honolulu Surf Film Festival fast forward to today and we are now developing into a full feature film.
In the last 20 or so years of Surf Cinema can you name any flick where big names in the Industry weren't highlighted and/or followed on lavish trips around the world. Seeking out the perfect wave. I think our location makes us unique as Hawaii is home so we get to surf waves most would only dream of. My goal is to show what a day in the life of working women who still manage to connect with the ocean through all the chaos that comes with having a full-time job and or family while still managing to surf.

Tells us a bit more about the girls in the Sisters of Surf movie?

Two Women in total! Samantha is a single Mom, Nurse, and Longboarder. When she's not spending time with her daughter or interacting with patients you can find her either below the surface freediving or at Chuns, Makaha or Queens Beach Uluwehi is a Musician and Native Hawaiian woman very much in touch with her people and culture. You can find her at different venues throughout the week entertaining hundreds of people as well as carving thought walls of surf at Makaha Beach!

Why did you want to do a movie? 

I was introduced to surfing around 2003 or so. I can remember watching Jason Baffa's film "Single Fin Yellow". I feel that film touched me in a way and is the reason why I wanted to get into Surf Cinema.

What message do you want to pass(given) in Sisters of Surf movie?

A Woman can still have a professional career, raise a family, reconnect with her ancestral roots and find the time to surf.

Hows the surf community in Honolulu?

The community here is very small. Surfers on the south shore tend to be very territorial and abrasive towards outsiders. On the other hand Surfers from the North Shore are more relaxed and laid back. When it comes to the longboarding community that is!

What inspires You? 

Documentaries, People, Places, etc. There are so many interesting people out there with stories waiting to be told.

Anything you will like to share with us?

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