7 Unmissable Surfing Spots in the World

mai 09 2019 – Annie Gagne

7 Unmissable Surfing Spots in the World
7 Unmissable Surfing Spots in the World

7 Unmissable Surfing Spots Around the World

Training to be a surfer is one of the best things you can do to maintain your fitness as you enjoy hanging around the beaches.

Surfing requires you to master the movement of the waves rocking against you as you maintain a steady balance.

Some consider the best trips to the beach involve some surfing activities. While some continental shelves offer unique wind patterns, thus offer better surfing experience than others do.

For a beginner or a person with enough surfing experience, here is a list of the top seven surfing spots that you do not want to miss as you travel around the world.

1. Taghazout, Morocco
Taghazout is a small town with awesome waves rising and falling throughout the year. For a person with experience in using the surfing board, you can get one from the nearby shops and start enjoying surfing.

The location is suitable for newbies who seek to learn using their feet to stand on the surfing board. There are small learning groups available, which could benefit you if you are planning on a solo cruise. Advance booking may give you an extra privilege of being picked up from the airport, enjoy accommodation and of course a session of sunset yoga where you get an opportunity to stretch the tired muscles.

2. Superbank, Gold Coast Australia
For the surfers who have been here, give it the name, surfers’ paradise.

Enjoy the 70 kilometers beachline with four breaking points and enjoy one of the finest breaks at the Superbank.

Superbank has waves in the form of tubes and solid walls, which has been luring surfers for
many years. Travel to Gold Coast and experience the quality of the waves as you enjoy the
company of other surfers who flock here. When setting your sails for the next surfing
destination, you may need to have roof racks when traveling with your surfing equipment. If
you don’t have one, some of the best Amarok roof racks can be bought and installed in Australia.


3. Nayarit, Mexico
Nayarit is a popular surfing spot in Mexico. On the south side of the province, there is the Puerto Vallarta that is full of resorts, meaning you may get an opportunity to relax before you hit the towns of Sayulita and San Pancho for the best surfing experience.


These two towns are ideal for letting the board and surfing suits to dry as you unwind and enjoy a black velvet whiskey. These surfing spots harbor fishing traps that keep tourists within reach.
If you are within Sayulita, you can use any of the three main roads then end up at that beach in less than five minutes.

4. San Sebastian, Spain
Come have fun and delicious food as you sample what the bars have on offer. San Sebastian is located in the Basque country of Spain and is an excellent location for anyone interested in the summer weather. There is a lot of sunlight here, and you can take advantage of participating in the weekly surfing camps to sharpen your skills.

5. Siargao, Philippines
For those with the spirit of adventure, the Filipino waves are waiting for you. With the unpredictable nature of the waters, you cannot fail to find a suitable spot near South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
Siargo is the best location for surfers visiting the Philippines. You will see the big waves creating an incredible view on the beach. The water around this place is warm, and there is no excuse of not enjoying a drink from the steady supply of coconuts.

6. Hawaii, USA
When you see people surfing and enjoying the Hawaiian way of life with so much mastery of the boards, you do not want to be the only boring person in Hawaii. The surrounding islands have a spot with good waves with Oahu next to Honolulu having big waves.


Beginners can use the Waikiki beach, which has the best terrain for beginner lessons. The Diamond Head shore is suitable for those who already know how to pump from their pop-ups. The Banzai pipeline is for those who are on a break and need some inspiration; here you can sit and watch some of the world’s best surfers riding on the monster waves. Such crowds will always tempt you to get a bottle of bird dog whiskey and drink as you reflect on the day’s experience.

7. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
The Mentawai Islands form up to around 70 waves coming from the western coast of Sumatra.
For the best and breathtaking experience, head to the southern and northern points of Siparo, Siberut, and Pagi.


The Mentawai Islands is one of the most reliable surfing stations in the world, where you get to experience the biggest swells that come in from June to September. The areas are accessible by ferries or charters. If you have enough experience, try the waves coming from Lance’s left and right, Bankvaults, and Macaronis. Beginners should use Gilligan waves to sharpen their skills. This island is perfect for both new and experienced surfers. Enjoy the stunning beaches and warm waters and make sure everything you do is exciting and memorable.

If you are going to a surf spot with no prior experience, make sure you let those you intend to work with know about it. Another vital thing to note is the rates of surfing and available accommodation within or near the surfing area.

Some would like to add adventure by ensuring their bike parts are in good working condition making it easy to move from one point to another. Surfing is a growing sport, and that explains why the number of surfers increases every year. Judging by the number of people who take up surfing sports all over the world, to get new experience, we can simply say that surfing is now a mainstream activity.

We hope that you are now able to plan your travel to the next destination!


Thanks to Harold, she is a passionate surfer and writer. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful world.