Eco-Friendly Swimwear

What it's made of an Eco-Friendly Swimwear?

We are welcoming the 2020 and are pretty stocked to introduce more eco-friendly fabrics and products in our Collections.
Here are some pieces of information about the fabric, product and why it's eco-friendly.

What is mean eco-friendly swimwear?

'Eco' friendly is a term to refer to goods considered to inflict minimal or no harm to the environment. Perhaps, there is really no 100% eco-friendly piece of swimwear. They are made of fibers such as Repreve®, Econyl®, recycled materials from mills and water-based ink.

What is sustainable swimwear fabric?

Sustainable swimwear refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, or recycled materials from mills, for example, wastage from cut and unwanted from bigger corporations. It also refers to how these fabrics are made.

Our water-based inks environmentally friendly?

The environmental impact of water-based ink simply doesn't contain any of the toxic chemicals of its plastisol counterparts (no PVC, no phthalates). Water-based inks have improved dramatically over the years in terms of quality and ease of use,  due to their performance, safe use and enviro-friendly credentials, they are our company choice.

ESCAPE COLLECTION 2020 / Now in store

This collection is made of polyester/spandex and we used water-based ink for the prints. We also print by pieces, meaning no fabric was wasted and making a sustainable product.

SNEAKY COLLECTION 2020  / Coming in February

This collection is made of polyester/spandex and we used water-based ink for the Snake Skin print. We printed by pieces, meaning no fabric was wasted. Also, it's combined with a Rib Fabric recycled from our fabric mills making a sustainable product.

ARTESIA COLLECTION 2020 / Coming in February

This collection is made of polyester/spandex our Exclusive DuckTex Fabric and we used water-based ink for the prints. We printed by pieces, meaning no fabric was wasted making a sustainable product.


ENERGETIC COLLECTION 2020 / Coming in March

Made of REPREVE® Fabric

Repreve, made by Unifi, is a family of synthetic fibers containing recycled materials. It is a polyester fiber. Unlike many other recycled yarns, the recycled content is certified.

The Repreve yarn made with PET plastic bottles are recycled and collected. The bottles enter in a conversion process, where they are chopped, melted, and reformulated to form a recycled chip. The Repreve chip then enters a texturing process to form Repreve recycled fiber.

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EVASION COLLECTION 2020 / Coming in April

Made of EcoNyL® Fabric

Econyl is a form of nylon that is made entirely from waste products. To make Econyl, waste products such as reclaimed fishing nets from oceans are first taken to pretreatment facilities where they are sorted and shredded into pieces small enough to be put through the Econyl process recycles and regenerates them into a new nylon yarn, that is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon. Created by Italian firm Aquafil.

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Voila! We hope you enjoy this article and please feel free to contact us if you have more questions about the fabric.