We are stoke to evolve our collection every season and represent the best in surfing, active and lifestyle products with a twist of fashion.
We become one of the most respected Underground Surf Brands through our
contemporary designs, Ambassadors, and Artists from all around the world 
Every collection are
Limited Edition, Designed in Canada  Tested in the Seas.
Why have we chosen Akela as a Brand name?
Quite simply,  we are looking for something, a word wish represent who we are and our spirits of creation.
We chose Akela because this is the Hawaiian word for happy.
Nothing makes us happier than surfing, creating clothing,  catching waves or hanging out with our friends on the beach.
It is our passion!!!
We, as the Akela Surf family, we want to share this with all people who have an active lifestyle and strong connection with water and ocean.

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