Exclusive Design Swimwear By Women For Women

Akela Surf

Since the beginning, we have stayed true to what we believe the most, designed quality eco-friendly products. Everyday, we are inspired by outdoor lifestyle, living by the Ocean and breathing the beauty of nature. 

Our journey started in Montreal, Qc to Barbados, and passed by Florida. By the end of 2019, we anchored in NS, Canada. Over the years, we sailed many sea's, navigated through storms and encountered great peoples during our adventure. 

We combine style and passion with all the ocean's elements, using our knowledge of design, life experience and creative vision. With conscious ethical design, and procedures to create an exclusive Brand.

Our mission is to create the most comfortable, fashionable and fusional product to play in and out the water by respecting the Wildlife. We bring confidence and stylish to the lineup and we empower woman to follow their dreams.

As a multicultural family, and we want to impress this heritage to our Brand. We welcome everybody, and want to make surfing accessible and fearless.

Aloha & Slide your Style!

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