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Originally from North of Montreal, QC, Lydia Ricard started surfing 5 years ago.

Now living in Tofino, she represents well the Surf in Canada

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Where did you learn how to surf?  I surfed for the first time in Costa Rica, but I learned how to surf in Tofino.

Where is your home, surf spot?  Tofino, BC

What made you want to surf Longboard? The fact that you can catch lots of waves ha!ha! but also because it is more graceful and slow, and suits me more.

What’s your quiver? I have an all-around longboard:  Hobie Colin Noserider and a nose rider: Black Rose Deviated Septum.

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Hot or Cold Water surfer? Cold!

What's your biggest challenge in surfing in cold water? To put your wetsuit on when its cold. Its a mission to just get in and out of the water so sometimes it can be discouraging if you think about it too much. The trick is just not to think about it and put your suit on!

Are you a free surfer or competitive surfer? Both! 

You work in a Surf School, Is your clients are mostly Local that want to improve their surf or tourist from all over the world? Mostly tourism wants to surf for the first time.

What do you like the most about teaching people to surf? 

I like the smile that people get when they ride their first wave. its pure magic! I love teaching as much as I love surfing, it is so amazing to be able to share my passion with others. 

What advice you have for someone that wants to come to Tofino, Canada and learn to surf? Just do it!

During the winter, do you travel outside Canada for surfing? A little bit yes. I would love to do it more for sure! Just depends what my wallet wants me to do ha!ha!

Where did you travel for surfing and your favorite place/break? I went to a few countries in Central America, and to France. I really liked France! 

How you will describe the surf in Canada compare to other places you have surfed? It is more peaceful. Less people, fewer risks and less sunburns ha!ha!

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Any Surf events coming up this summer in Tofino that we can't miss? Queen of the peak (it's in October) it is an all women surf event. This year is the 10th anniversary so it's going to be epic! 

What’s your memorial surfing moment? One of my best days of surfing was when I went out with Keanna, she is 14 and wants to get better at longboarding so we went out together, and the ocean just decided to give us the most perfect waves! We stayed out until we could not feel our arms anymore, and we were both so stoked it was amazing! 

Is the Olympic is one of your Career Goal? If they put longboarding in the Olympics then yeah! 

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Who’s your sponsor? Billabong and Longbeach Surf Shop.

What’s the next for you? 

I would love to get some longboarding coaching and go to California.

Participating in more competitions outside of Canada is definitely a goal of mine, but for now, the next few months will be work oriented, to pay for all my last winter travels!

I also will be teaching a few longboarding workshops here in Tofino to get people stoked on longboarding and teach them how to nose!

 Thanks, Lydia @lydiaricard 

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