For all surfers, the best way to surf would be surfing more!

But, adding these yoga tactics will contribute to developing health that is capable of flexibility and balance needed for your surfing.

This summary of the top 5 yoga positions for surfing would help you on your own, or you can also do a yoga class in person. Surfing demands a lot of strength and focus for which most of the yoga poses are! So between your surf session and your surf trip, practice daily these yoga positions out of the water or on a paddleboard. It will make an enormous effect on your in-water performance!


1. Downward Facing Dog

The very first yoga poses that is leading in almost all the list of top yoga positions for surfing is Downward Facing Dog Pose. The individual poses on all of the fours.

From holding this position for a longer duration, the hamstrings stretch and strengthens. Facing your hips towards the most distant sky and stretching downwards with your shoulders and pressure on your palm, this pose is beneficial for strengthening the arms, upper body, and legs.

This pose is best for strengthening the spine and developing the shoulders.



2. Tree Pose

The second yoga compilation many of us have seen is the Tree Pose. Looks easy at first sight, but believe me it is not!

The tree position yoga is one of the most challenging positions to practice. It helps in instilling the self-centric quality and focus. During posing in Vrikshasana, one needs to be a lot more than focussed with keeping the breath peaceful, steady, and regular.

It creates a balance within that helps the body to face strongly when the waves hit.

It makes calves, ankles, inner thighs, groins, and spine sound. It improves the sense of balance internally!


3. Warrior II Pose

Warrior II pose is considered a prominent position for grounding self while practicing yoga. While an individual, practices the Warrior II Pose, the rib cage gets ventilated, lungs and chest feel free, tired limbs get energized, and hips stretch better.

This yoga position is best suitable for building stamina and concentration. The experienced surfers believe that while practicing Drishti or keeping a focused gaze along with the warrior II pose, it helps in developing a sense of steadiness.

In turn, this technique helps the surfers to estimate the maneuver of the upcoming wave during the surfing in waters.


4. Garland Pose

When someone would ask me to rename the garland pose, I would name it a hip opener pose for sure. Many people raise a question, that is surfing similar to doing gymnastics? Why am I opening my hips? But the question carries the answer along. Performing malasana, lets you stretch your inner thighs and hips.

It gives liquidity to your body when you surf. Also, practicing the garland pose before surfing would allow you to deplete in any damn position without tearing your muscles or ligaments. 

This pose is a significant choice for warming up your body before sailing in the waters of the ocean.


5. Upward Facing Dog

Finally, after discussing the top four positions, we are at the fifth-best position for surfing. The  Upward-Facing Dog Pose is better for preventing the body from getting stiffened in the cool waters. 

This pose permits you to inhale fresh breeze in and warm-up your chest and lungs. This pose is all about stretching legs back to the last possible extent by placing the top of the feet on land.  With stretching hands downwards, the body leans back and feels fresh. The upward-facing dog pose improves the breathing mechanism and reduces immobility of the body.

Great for all the Coldwater Surfer!

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